Friday, February 12, 2010

Story Behind the Picture: Different is Beautiful

As a child, I was never the one who fit in seamlessly with my surroundings, but it never mattered to me. My parents never pressured me to play the same sports as the popular girls, to wear lipstick in high school, to choose a major in college that would make me money (admittedly, my father did try to suggest an MBA, but he dropped that suggestion rather quickly after I gave him one of my infamous dirty looks). They loved me even if I did read the Encyclopedia for fun.

My oldest son is a little different than most. He's been given incredible gifts: he can play music by ear, he can read chapter books, he can compute simple algebra equations. He is only five years old.

Along with his talents, his incredible enthusiasm, and his beautiful singing voice comes a bit of social awkwardness, sensitivity to sound and surroundings, and difficulty making friends his own age. Many terms have come our way in the past few months: Aspergers, Autism, and the like. It doesn't matter to us what label he receives: we will make sure he knows that being different is a beautiful thing.


Felicia Kramer said...

Oh, Michelle - you never fail to grab me by the heart every time you tell the story behind the picture!! I recently found out that a niece and nephew of mine have also been diagnosed with Asperger's. Your photo is perfect!

Felicia Kramer said...
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designing woman said...

I agree, my grandson is truly blessed with many talents the best of all is his kind spirit and loving heart. The rest is just a label.

Love, Mom

Laura said...

Love it, Michelle!

Colleen ~ Loose Thread Stitchers said...

You are quite an amazing woman, mother, photographer and writer.

MOLLYC said...

Michelle, never despair. Your son sounds like a brilliant and sensitive little boy with many gifts. If I have learned anything at all from having a husband who lost all ability to speak, read, and understand language, it is that NO ONE can predict what a person can do when challenged. As you know, Charlie fully recovered, and also gained so much from the entire experience of having a Stroke. Your son was given a gift, and he will spend his life reaping great benefits from it. Challenges give us so much, and I would never trade our experiences for "normalcy!"

Anonymous said...

you have such an amazing attitude.
having known your little man since the minute he entered this world I know that he is destined for greatness. He has continued to wow us with his many gifts only second to his genuine kindness. We feel honored to have the opportunity to watch him grow and blossom!!!!

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