Thursday, October 29, 2009

Midweek Update: "Alphabet Soup!" Blog

I'm just popping in mid-week to let everyone know I've started a blog dedicated entirely to the books in the Alphabet Soup! series. Stop in to read more about the Stitch Your Heart Out Campaign and other updates as they come. I'll be taping a radio interview about the original Alphabet Soup! this weekend (eeek!) and will post the link as soon as the show airs.

I'll be back tomorrow with my "Story Behind the Picture." In the mean time, have a lovely Thursday!

1 comment:

MOLLYC said...

I am happy to be the first to comment on the new blog! I hope you get a million readers! I revamped mine to have a bit more sophistication and more buttons. Who knows if it is better, but I learned a lot doing it!

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