Friday, October 30, 2009

Story Behind the Picture: A Magical Night

There is something magical about trees. Maybe it's the way their branches and leaves rustle and speak when the wind rushes past, or maybe it's the way they filter the sun and create a shady carpet on which we can rest. The most magical trees are the ones that create an umbrella with their branches that touch the ground all around, yet leave a secret hiding place close to their trunks.
"Mommy, come look what I found!" called Danny during a walk on a beautiful September evening. "It's a faerie house!" I crawled under the branches with him, and saw this beautiful little spot he had discovered. We could hear the footsteps of passersby, but they could not see us, nestled quietly under the canopy of leaves. "I think the faeries come out and dance when they think no one is looking," he whispered. I nodded quietly as we watched the glow of the sunlight together, waiting for the faeries to appear.


jodi said...

This reminds me of the trees at Brookgreen Gargens in South Carolina. They are all twisted, textured, and covered with moss. Beautiful and definitely full of faeries. Beautiful photo.

MOLLYC said...

Once again, your post reminds me of times in the past with my own children. One evening, we were all out in the yard, doing something, when Marion looked up at the sky and said, "Daddy, is this the gloaming?"

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