Friday, January 1, 2010

Story Behind the Picture: Corks

Happy new year, folks!

I thought it particularly appropriate to share this image today after many a bottle of champagne was shared last night. I created this image for a dear friend (and, if you have the time, you must take a few moments to read her sweet/hilarious/wonderful musings). She wanted something to represent her daughter's new wine consulting business, and this is the image I created. It was a true hardship collecting all those corks, but someone had to drink it, er, do it, that is.

Here's to a year of celebrations, of new-found success, and of creating and chasing down your own dreams!


joanna's foto said...

really nice shot! Haven't gotten to read the story you suggested, but you got me interested!

Happy New Year!

MOLLYC said...

What a thrill, to be featured in your blog! My birthday is in a week, and this is the best gift! Wait till I tell Marion about this! All love to you...m

Marion Campbell said...

As the recipient of this lovely photograph, I can say that the picture is stunning and I cannot wait to hang it on my wall. It is a great way for me to reflect and stay focused on my wine business. Thank you so much Michelle, your work is beautiful!

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