Friday, January 8, 2010

Story Behind the Picture: A Girl's Best Friend

I'm not sure where Marilyn Monroe got the notion, but diamonds are not my best friend. I don't hate them, mind you, but I've never judged the depth and the breadth of love based upon their size. The diamond my grandfather bought for my grandmother? Minuscule. The number of second and third construction shifts he worked in order to propose to her with a ring? Epic.

My own husband popped the question with a 10-cent ring from a vending machine. He later upgraded to a lovely diamond, but truly, I would have been happy to wear the original.

Give me a promise made of stronger stuff than pressurized carbon, and you can keep the rest.

I will, however, take a stack of good books and a fabulous pair of heels (perhaps Marilyn really felt the same way, but it would have made for a rather unwieldy song title). I leave you with "A Girl's Best Friend," as seen through my eyes...


jodi said...

I totally agree. My lovely husband has given me two diamond rings, both need to be resized due to the birth of our three children. One of the best gifts he's given me is a beautiful fossilized ammonite. I made into a necklace and wear it all the time.

And I would have married him diamond or no diamond.

MOLLYC said...

How in heaven's name does anyone WEAR those kind of heels for longer than five minutes without excruciating pain? I love the way they look, but in my mind, it is kind of like walking around on pointe shoes all day. But you are a true gem, diamond or not. (I can't seem to get enough diamonds--what does that make me? An OLDER AND WISER WOMAN, WHO VALUES HER TOES AND REALIZES HOW PAINFUL BUNIONS CAN BE!)

Laura said...

I remember hearing of your engagement ring! Sweet story about your grandfather!

I love the look of those heels, but despite embracing my tall-ness, would still never wear them! Awesome, though.

Like the new look of your blog! :-) Oh, and we just added you to our 'fun blogs colum'! xo

regina aka RED said...

Love this picture and the story. A girl can never have enough shoes. Men just don't get that.

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